The Perfect Candidate

With Mitt Romney offending his way around the world like some sort of ignorance powered jet pack we thought long and hard about freedom of choice.  KIV reckon President Obama is doing a bang up job of turning the direction of the USS Bush-whacked and though his enlightened stance on Planned Parenthood and Health Care is wonderful it might be interesting to consider an not that guy!  Another one.

Enter The Perfect Candidate, a political parody short film starring Joe Estevez and Robert Z'Dar as themselves as they make a run for the biggest job in politics.  Co-starring Knifed in Venice favourite Maria Olsen as Joe's wife Ann and Horrific Film Festival Best Actress Nominee Summer Ferguson the film is set for an Amazon Instant Video release come November 6th 2012 effectively bringing the voting booth right to your front room!

From Joe Randazzo and Dave Campfield (Caesar and Otto's Deadly Christmas) the trailer can be viewed below or by clicking [here] and will offer up the perfect tonic to all the mud slinging and celebrity endorsements.


Voltech said...

Yeah! Politics! Yeah! Politics! Yeah! Politics! Politics! Yeah! Yeah! Politics!

...I learned more about politics in this one post than I have in the past month. I imagine that's not a good thing.

Anyway, the film looks interesting. A president (or a candidate, at least) should be a fixture of every movie from now on -- and by the sound of things, it looks like this'll be an opportunity to learn a little more about the presidents. Politics may be lost on me, but I DO enjoy a little history lesson every now and then.

Gabriel said...

Hahahha! You really nailed it with the ignorance powered jet pack! That last part on the toilet was brilliant. Americans need to really be misinformed (or dumb) to think that the health care plan is a bad thing.

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