Closing in on Faraway

Faraway, the fantasy-adventure feature with the huge heart, brought to you by Soliloquy Films in partnership with MOnsterworks66 (Maria Olsen and Angel Corbin), has released a brand new trailer and, boy, does it look good!  Check it out here.

Filmed on location in The Philippines and Los Angeles, Faraway is primarily a story about a girl searching for her roots…and the heart-stopping adventures she encounters along the way!  The story follows a group of four as they make their way through the dense Philippines’ jungle towards their fates, and, as luck would have it, they all survive…or do they?

Faraway stars Dana Jamison, Nicholas Medina, Leonard Olear and Genelyka (Lyka) Castin, with Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief) and Angel Corbin (DisOrientation) in supporting roles.  Corbin, who has a recurring role in the Tv series After Hours, has also recently bagged the lead in the faith-based action-adventure trilogy Second Son, and Olsen can also be seen in Paranormal Activity 3Faraway is, in fact, the third project that Olsen has worked on with Kamradt, the first two being the fantasy/scifi-adventure features Alone, Together and Weekend.

Soliloquy Films – Kamradt’s company – is teaming up to produce Faraway with the fast growing MOnsterworks66, which already has the horror feature Brandon Scullion’s Live-InFear and the award-winning scifi-comedy Justin Calen Chenn’s Folklore as producing and associate producing credits respectively.  The film is 95% in the can, and the final scenes will be shot in Los Angeles later this month.  The Faraway production team anticipates a 2013 release.

Faraway: Adventure is Waiting…


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