Live-In Fear

The well trained mind will remember all the way back to January [or here if memory isn’t your thing] and an interview with director Brandon Scullion and producer Maria Olsen and the Indiegogo funded found footage horror film that’s “so cool it’s frozen” Live-In Fear.  We’re now in the ninth month of the year and after principle photography in Brian Head Utah I’m thrilled to be able to stay that we’ve come to term and the film is on it’s way to the public realm that has been hotly anticipating this ice cold killer.

Long term readers will be more than familiar with Maria who, along with her producing partner Angel Corbin, has gifted us with exclusive casting announcements on Live-In Fear not to mention other great independent titles along the way.  The film stars Arielle Brachfield (The Haunting of Whaley House & Axeman at Cutter’s Creek), Chris Dorman (8.13) and Sarah Grayson (Road Rules) not to mention a supporting role for Maria whose own credits include Paranormal Activity 3 & Vile.

Live-In Fear is due to unleash it’s ancient havoc in the U.S on October 31st 2012 and we’ll strive to keep you up to date on screening information as it appears.  For the independent types you can keep tabs on Scullion’s so-cool-it’s-frozen horror the films IMDB page can be found [here].  There’s also an incredibly stylish poster below and an all new trailer to wet those chapped lips out there.  The film is a co-production of Iodine Sky Productions & MOnsterworks66.

Live-In Fear (2012) Dir. Brandon Scullion


Gabriel said...

Really liked the trailer and the poster is pretty wild.

John Baxter said...

Yeah looking forward to seeing it, it's been a while.

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