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Those kicks were indeed as fast as lightning!  Fast punching and shin kicking in the first day of September the Movie Bar On Demand settles in for a double bill of dubbing and Kung Fu.  It's Taiwan versus Japan, Chiba versus Chiang and all for your viewing pleasure.

Return of the Street Fighter
(1974) Dir. Shigehiro Ozawa
Sonny Chiba returns as Takuma as he steps up to take down a fraudulent charity run by the Yukuza syndicate and is defrauding the good folk of their hard earned home.  Send as many foes as you want, it just means more of your dead to come collect when Terry's done with them.


The Lost Kung Fu Secrets
(1980) Dir. Chi Lo
Chinese Christians in the countryside are being targeted and brutalised, enter David Chiang with a pocket full of martial arts secrets and a determination to stand up to the injustices.  If you like this film, or any Sonny Chiba movie for that matter you might be interested in a Taiwanese martial arts movie from a year earlier that it truly remarkable.  For more information The Crippled Masters review is right [here].

To watch earlier/both films for free simply click [here] and for the best presentation follow the instructions at the bottom of the page.


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