My Mom's a Werewolf

Certificate: 15
Running time: 90 mins
Director: Michael Fischa
Starring: Susan Blakely, John Saxon, John Schuck, Tina Caspary
Genre: Comedy/Horror
Country: USA

Frustrated and ignored housewife Leslie Shaber (Blakely) is becomes the object of John Saxon's (Harry Thorpen) desires which she can simply not physically ignore - ladies of the 1980's will know what I'm saying.  Shopping for a flea collar for the family hound she's selected by store owner Thorpen and is powerless to his quite literal animal magnetism.

When you team up the director of the mildly racist Rice Girl and the writer of comedy satire Deathrow Gameshow you know that what you’ll end up with will be less Kreuger and more Mercury it’s in stylings.  The narrative of My Mom’s a Werewolf is pretty clear.  Werewolf sets out to pry away a mate from her family in snoring suburbia – it could almost be Fright Night with fleas.  My criticisms of Pirro in the past as a writer is one of evolution of the narrative.  He has an ability to generate a remarkable or entertaining or refreshing concept but once the film reaches what should be the end of the first act/beginning of the second is where his films typically fall.  Let me first begin by stating that though there is a degree of discovery as the lessons of Deathrow Gameshow have seemingly been learnt though the more cynical (or savvy) would point to the influence of Michael Fischa (director) over any sort of insight.  Saying that the narrative is not without flaw, many of them can easily be ignored – though the use of vampire lore as that of the werewolf is truly unforgivable.

Susan Blakely is really strong in the lead, she’s the MILF before the term was sculpted and not only worked extremely hard to establish herself as unappreciated mother and ignored wife but oozes an appeal that is clearly what Thropen picks up on when she walks into the store.  This might actually be a problem, not for her performance but those around her as the two men in her life are somewhat problematic.  John Schuck (as husband Howard) has never, at least for my money, been a particularly good actor and his performance here is two-dimensional, comic and basic.  John Saxon on the other hand is always amazing and can clearly be seen to be have great fun in the role doing a wonderful job hamming it up.  My only problem is that he’s like day before meat in that he’s a little passed his best but you won’t get sick my tucking in if you just believe it’s alright.  Tina Caspary (of Mac and Me and Annie fame) is excellent as the daughter Jennifer.  She’s got the lions share of the exposition to shoulder and does the thankless job with serious style.  Why on earth was this her last performance?  Truly baffling and enjoyable in equal measures.

The film finally falters in the third act as the pace falls out of the piece and director, actors, writer and co are all unsure where exactly the film should be headed.  Any possible tension is sacrifice for some jokes at a Halloween party and a semi Graduate moment which is a shame.  It’s too late in the game for the film to fully recover.  An uneven though enjoyable farce.


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