Lost The Plot

I try not to do this too often as it's self serving and bullshit and you always feel just the tiniest bit dirty afterwards but here's a little bit of self promotion...Christ!  Avert your eyes!

This shows just how much time I spent at the laptop as I've been updating this site three times a week and still have time to do this...screw it, here comes to soul selling!

I've a book coming out on December 1st, it's called Lost Angeles and the short synopsis is that it's about an alcoholic from Belfast who travels to Los Angeles in order to drink himself to death...sounds hilarious right?  It's a little bit more fun than that, I mean it's hardly a Romanian film about abortion in the middle of the eighth month...p.s that movie was grim.

I've got some good reviews from it but am looking more so if anyone fancies a free book and all they've got to do is hook me up with some wordage then let me know and I can arrange that.  It's probably worth pointing out that if you like books that are about sparkling vampires, or erotic vampires, or erotic werewolves, or FBI agents that are on the run, or FBI agents that used to be magicians (I shit-ith you not) then Lost Angeles isn't the book for you.  It's about drunkards and how drunkards deal with scenarios that are more than a little fucked.  If you like William S. Burroughs, John Fante, Charles Bukowski or even Donald Ray Pollack then let's talk business.  Thank you for reading this horrible and blatant plug.


psynno said...

Well done John, sounds up my street!

John Baxter said...

Thanks man, will hopefully get a few good reviews out of it before it comes round to the release date.

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