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This month the Movie Bar hits you up with a little bit of UK culture.  In the 1930's British law dictated that a proportion of films shown in their cinemas were "home-grown".  These were soon dubbed "quota quickies" and by-and-large were not screened outside of the the United Kingdom.  Thanks to modern technology that doesn't have to be the case so in a salute to the quota quickies we offer up a double bill of SLAUGHTER!  That's 1930's actor Tom Slaughter to yawl, enjoy.

The Face at the Window
(1939) Dir. George King
1880's France is being terrorised by a criminal known as "The Face".  Some of the murders have been attributed to a wolf man but can this really be?


Murder in the Red Barn
(1935) Dir. Milton Rosmer
When Maria Marten falls pregnant to her secret lover there's only one way for him to deal with the matter...paternity test on television?  No.  She's got to die.

To watch the Tom Slaughter double header click [here] and follow the instructions.


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