My Synthesized Life

Those of you without korsakoff syndrome will remember an excellent short film by the name of Briefcase, if you don't remember it's ok you can click [here] for the review.  Nate Golon (Briefcase) is back in the Spring of 2013 and a new and highly original webisode series called My Synthesized Life.  The show tells the tale of a young man whose voice becomes synthesized whenever he gets nervous after he's electrocuted by his radio during a rap song.

The series will co-star the wonderful Katie Leclerc from Switched at Birth with more information, casting and otherwise, to come.  You can follow the series on Twitter through @synthesizedlife or my friending it up with the Facebook page [here].  Likewise you can tabs on those involved here @NateGolon and here @KatieLeclerc.


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