Sunday Night Slaughters - Casting Announcement

Edward Payson’s cast for his edgy new horror-themed webseries, Sunday Night Slaughters, is growing day by day, and his latest acquisition is the talented Will Green.  Green was born and raised in Miami, FL, and his passion for acting developed in his early teens while working as an extra on a locally shot film.  He’s come a long way since then, however, and he will soon be seen starring opposite Vivica A. Fox in the gritty drama, Crosstown.

Green is also on record as a die-hard fan of 70's and 80's style horror/suspense films, and he will therefore feel completely at home in Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters, which is expected to have a retro look that will rely more on physical special effects than CGI.  Green is also not a stranger to acting in horror projects, having had roles in the Passed the Door of Darkness, the creepy Monkeyman935 and the violently action-packed Night, where he played a leading role.

Green is extremely versatile, though, and can also be seen in the action crime drama, The Rule of Law, the action adventure 2010: Moby Dick, which stars Barry Bostwick (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) and Renee O’Connor (Xena: Warrior Princess), and the comedy, Underwriting Love.  Green will star in Sunday Night Slaughters alongside such stellar performers as Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), Angel Corbin (Way Down in Chinatown) and Jordan Elizabeth Goettling (Knock Knock 2).  The series also stars comedy powerhouse Sebastian “C-Bazz” Fort, Christina Desiere (Morbid: A Love Story) and Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief).

Sunday Night Slaughters is being produced by Payson’s company An AntiHero Production, Antonino Buzzone and the MOnsterworks66 Corbin/Olsen duo.  More information about this stunning series, which will shortly go into pre-production for its first few episodes, can be found [here].


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