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The Sunday Night Slaughters has started it second Indiegogo campaign.  If you're unfamiliar with the project then:
1. Shame on yawl.
2. You can catch up by reading below.

Edward Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters is a kick-ass horror web-series that will, after a web-run, be distributed in DVD anthology form.  It’s going to be the best of both worlds: web and DVD, and it’s being produced by Payson himself, Antonino Buzzone (A Guy walks into a Bar) and the MOnsterworks66 duo, Angel Corbin (DisOrientation) and Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief).

Each episode will deal with an aspect of fear and will examine, in varying degrees of detail, the things that go bump in the night that make us too scared to sleep.  Here’s a short and tantalizing summary of what viewers can expect…

A Dictionary of Decimation:
Note: ALL of these things will appear in the web-series…you have SO been warned…

Cannibalism: eating the flesh and blood of your own kind…and enjoying it…particularly nasty when practised by humans…  Examples include The Donner Party, Jeffrey Dahmer and Albert Fish

Werewolf: a man (or woman) who turns into a wolf whenever there’s a full moon.  They are usually of human/wolf size, but there are exceptions, and the 30ft tall variety is extremely terrifying…  Silver screen examples include Lon Chaney in The Wolf Man, David Naughton in An American Werewolf in London and Jack Nicholson in Wolf not to mention Michael Landon in I was a Teenage Werewolf!

Demon: a supernatural entity – usually of a fiendishly evil nature – that likes to possess and take control of mere humans and use them as pawns…  Literary examples include Pazuzu, who SO terrorized little Regan MacNeil in The Exorcist, Screwtape in The Screwtape Letters and Stephen King’s Randall Flagg, who needs no introduction…

Christian: in some instances, see under “demon”…

Edward Payson’s Sunday Night Slaughters will star, among others, Arielle Brachfeld (The Haunting of Whaley House), Christina Desiere (Payson’s own Morbid: A Love Story), Kaitlyn Jenkins (Bunheads) as well as Corbin and Olsen.  Shooting on the series will start in approximately two months time in Los Angeles.  You can learn more about the project – and even become part of it by clicking [here].


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