Way Down in Chinatown - Casting Announcement III

It’s well known that Way Down in Chinatown is a noir horror-scifi extravaganza that’s being brought to the silver screen by producers Eric Michael Kochmer, Angel Corbin and Maria Olsen (Monsterworks66) and Jonathan Haloossim (22MM Productions), but what’s not that all well known is that the film features a live band: Johnny Lightning.

No band would, however, be complete without a front man, and, in WDiC’s case, the front man is the highly talented David Lockhart.  Prior to fronting Johnny Lightning – and actually playing Johnny Lightning in the film - Lockhart was the lead singer of the rock ‘n roll band, The Stereoblasters. Key performances included opening up for Jefferson Starship and Ray Manzarek and Robbie Krieger of The Doors as well as touring Japan in 2010.  Lockhart and Johnny Lightning are also scheduled to perform at the 45th Anniversary of the Monterey Pop Festival in September this year.

Lockhart also has a distinguished acting resume and spent four years on the national cable channel TechTV.  He was also a producer, writer and correspondent for the show Internet Tonight , which won regional Emmys two years in a row for “Best Entertainment Program” and “Best Educational Special”.

As a film actor, Lockhart has performed leading roles in top rated independent feature films like Minty the Assassin, Impression, Mere Mortals, Alice in Storageland and The Crow: Purgatory. He also recently completed principal photography as the lead in the Western horror feature The Dead and the Damned, which has since been picked up for world-wide distribution by Plus Entertainment.  Lockhart has also been cast as the lead for the feature film Illuminate, which will be shot in Mississippi in the fall of 2012.

Way Down in Chinatown, a Lynchian exercise in absurd and horrific noir, wrapped last month and is presently in post-production.  Music – especially the effect that it has on people - is one of the film’s most important themes, and it will be explored in great and macabre detail…


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