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Movie Bar says goodbye to October (and Halloween) with a double bill of bone crushers that'll leave you quaking and aching for the rest of the evening.  First out of the blocks in men in masks and tight pants with a lot of panting and heavy thuds...keep it clean.

(2006) Dir. Jesse Baget
When an amateur porn film crew takes a wrong turn while driving through Mexico, they quickly discover that the local legends concerning a murderous luchadore may have some element of truth...There's no escape, no tapping out and no referee to save you.


The Corpse Grinders
(1971) Dir. Ted V. Mikels
When the owner of Lotus Cat Food learns that his primary financial backer has pulled out upon completion of their new processing facility he gets his revenge by stuffing the poor dope into a meat grinder and packing the end product into the next batch of kitty chow.  It's a big seller (obviously).

To watch the BONE! crushing double bill click [here] and follow the instructions.


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