Stills from the Axeman

Back in August we ran a casting announcement for the forthcoming return to 80's slasher horror Axeman at Cutter's Creek.  From Halloween stills from the film have been arriving and we've hung on to them so there'd be more to gaze upon all at once.  For more information on the film click [here] and for those of you in the know enjoy...

"The still depicts a pivotal scene in the film where one of our heroines DEPUTY DARLENE WHITFIELD (Arielle Brachfeld) responds to a distress call and finds a reason to become alarmed," Joston Theney, the film's writer/director, stated with a laugh.

"It's a publicity photo of a scene where two characters make their motivations known. Features the film's director/writer Joston Theney in the role of DARREN, who is finally ready to make his move.  But is it as a hero or a villain   The film's sense of who dunnit,or rather who's-doing-it, will have you guessing who the good guys and bad guys really are," adds Christopher Otiko, the film's executive producer.

"There's always the one character that is the sole voice of reason when everyone else seems to have drank themselves stupid, that's Liz," stated AXEMAN's writer/director Joston Thene. "She's the audience, stuck in the horror movie.  She's the only one that gets it.  She's the one saying, 'Let's get the heck outta here!'while everyone else is laughing off the disappearances of two friends that have been missing since the previous night." 

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