LoveTouchHate - Casting Announcement

“Touch my hand, touch my heart”
A unique film by Michael LaPointe
Brought to you by Pointe Media
In Association with MOnsterworks66

Up and coming actor Rocky Benoit has scored the leading role in LoveTouchHate, and he will, no doubt, bring something extremely special to the role of the socially dysfunctional Bradley in this new film, which starts shooting in Los Angeles at the end of February 2013.

Benoit is perhaps best known for his roles in the television series Passenger and Twenty Something, which he also produced.  He is also to be seen as the lead in the made-for-tv movie, The Barista, and will soon grace our screens in the dramady Night at the Builtman.

Benoit, who was born and raised in Louisiana, studied theatre and psychology at Louisiana State University, and received a Medical Doctorate from LSU Medical School.   He now lives in Los Angeles and, since 2006, has been an active member of the prominent Los Angeles based repertory group, Playhouse West.   
Michael LaPointe – LoveTouchHate’s writer, director and producer – will be the first to point out that casting his film, which will be shot in a rather unusual improvisational mockumentary style, has been difficult and that he had to look far afield in order to cast the four leading roles.  The role of Bradley will be especially challenging as Benoit, who is on screen almost all the time, will portray a young man who has lost all hope of ever making a meaningful connection due to his unnatural ability of making everyone he touches fall instantly in love with him. It is only a chance encounter with twelve year old Rex, whose touch causes everyone to hate him, that offers Bradley some salvation.

Apart from LaPointe, the LoveTouchHate production team includes MOnsterworks66’s Maria Olsen (Percy Jackson and The Olympians: The Lightning Thief), Natalie Simpkins and Michael Lilley.  Those wishing to learn more about this unique film, and perhaps become a part of it, can click [here].


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