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I've been slacking off recently.  November was somewhat quiet on Knifed in Venice as I was gearing up for book related stuff and was (ultimately) sick of spending time in front of the typer so in a break with tradition (in order to cut myself some slack) rather than dish up two unknown gems we're going to have the classics out for the kids over Christmas.

First up is F.W Murnau's amazingly atmospheric and enthralling adaptation of Bram Stoker's Dracula...

(1922) Dir. F.W Murnau
Count Orlok has set his sights on the fiancĂ© of young Hutter who he has called to his castle.  The most beautifully magnificent adaptation of the vampire lure there has been/ever will be.


The Phantom of the Opera
(1925) Dir. Rupert Julian
A mad and horribly disfigured man seeks love in the arms of a beautiful young singer.

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