Predatory Moon's Blood Drive

Last month we mentioned a new good old fashioned werewolf movie that was on the way by the name of Predatory Moon.  They're currently in the middle of their Indiegogo campaign with a difference.  The road to cinematic release is a long one and like all good roads this one's got some serious sights along the way, most of which are marked out by their milestones.  The "Blood Drive" is the brainchild of the film-makers and each time the team hit one of their milestones they're going to post a clip shot by the production team of them killing a new monster...Zombie...Vampire...Clown...Piers Morgan.  Ok so the last one is made up...or is it.  There's only one way to find out; get over to Indiegogo by clicking [here] and give them whatever you can afford.


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