From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money

Certificate: 18
Running Time: 88 minutes
Director: Scott Spiegel
Starring: Robert Patrick, Bo Hopkins, Duane Whitaker
Genre: Crime, Horror
Country: USA

Some sequels (Godfather Part II) deserve the recognition they earn as they have built upon a great narrative and pushed forth, some sequels (Walking Tall 2) deserve their name as “straight to video (later DVD)” releases and some sequels deserve to be lined up against the wall and shot…repeatedly…and then cut up into tiny pieces…and burned in a wheelie bin….From Dusk Till Dawn 2: Texas Blood Money is one of those sequels.

There was great anticipation when Dimension announced that the Rodriguez/Tarantino surprise hit From Dusk Till Dawn was getting the two sequels that all good horrors deserve in order to make it a trilogy and tap into that home entertainment market (the same market that made the original a hit when the cinema audiences largely overlooked it).  So it was great excitement that From Dusk Till Dawn 2 was approached only making the fall that much further.  I’ve tried…at length to find something redeeming about FDTD2 but the truth of the matter is that it’s an absolute mess and 88 minutes too long.  The script is ludicrous, the performances are lacklustre (if the actors can’t care why should the audience?), they clearly know the levels of turkeydom they’re participating in and appear on screen almost apologetically.  The worst thing about the film is everything you see.  Scott Spiegel’s name was (for an incredibly long time) the worst of swear words in my household.  His use of the camera and inability to understand not just the POV shot but basic cause and effect cinematography is frustrating to the point of personal injury as you’d be more than willing to hurl yourself under the nearest eighteen wheeler just to get away from this terrible, terrible film.  He would redeem himself (partially) with Hostel Part III which is better than this but by no means as good as Roth’s offerings.

It’s not only one of the worst films you’ll ever watch but it’s one of the most anger inducing visions that’ll ever pass before your eyes; I’d side step it and move on unless you’re looking for a reason to hate yourself.


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