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As Eddie Murphy once said...I was only giving the transvestite prostitute a ride home!... no that's not Eddie Murphy once said...Merry New Year!!  Movie Bar O.D is back with two new flicks to high kick the holiday blues into the weeds.

First up stomping a mud hole in 2012's ass in the prison action movie (not that kind of prison action) starring the Bionic Redneck himself...Stone Cold Steve Austin!

(2009) Dir. Jeff King
Incarcerated con John Brickner (Austin) battles it out inside a cage (not uncommon in prison) to pay for the operation that the daughter of his last victim desperately needs.  Cue heartwarming change of character!


Prison on Fire
(1987) Dir. Ringo Lam
Two men form an unbreakable alliance inside the Chinese big house, let's hope they don't find out why they call it the Pokey.  Starring the eternally amazing Chow Yun-Fat.

Click [here] to watch and follow the usual advice etc for best possible presentation.  Happy New Year Internet, you still look lovely!


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