Five Days Till The Fever Breaks

George Clarke’s Yellow Fever Productions has been leading the way when it comes to independent film production in Northern Ireland for years now.  Operating outside of the wine and cheese sphere of Arts funding YFP survived on hard work, determination, and self promotion to not just become a production company, but a distribution label and film festival.

They’ve survived zombie attacks, killer clowns and haunted houses and now face extinction because of the banks who are unwilling to extend a hand and offer any assistance.  Now this could lead into a rant about the banking system in this country, the perceived “worthy” and “ nepotistic” nature of arts funding but it’s not the time, the truth of the matter is that there is no time to waste.  There’s only five days.

Yellow Fever Productions were going from strength to strength but when the London riots destroyed over £12,000 worth of stock and caused the first crack in the infrastructure, an infrastructure that has always been careful and creative with money.  It's a body blow from which YFP look unlikely to recover from without help.

What George and YFP need dearly is money, not a hand out but a loan, a loan that he is more than capable of making sure investors see back.  It’s twelve not so angry men with, sadly, deeper pockets than my own (otherwise he’d be looking for eleven).  If you’re a budding entrepreneur, film fanatic or have the money of Bruce Wayne but not the desire for the late nights then click [here] and help out cinema.  

There are five days to make a difference otherwise all we’re left with is a Northern Irish “cinema” that funds Troubles documentaries and offers tax breaks to Hollywood…and the dream gets smaller and further away for the next guy.


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