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Movie Bar O.D is serving up two slices of horror for the month of March.  First up is a little known one from 2008 and some of your children might know the start better than you do.  There are three things we universally know about the woods.  Bears shit there, the Pope shits there and if you're in an film that's certified more than a PG you do not want to go there...

If you think this is scary you should
see the transaction charges.
(2008) Dir. Marty Weiss
While camping out in Jasper Park hot young couple Tom and Gwen are attached by psychotic locals...told you so!


(2011) Dir. David Brooks
On a late night trip to an ATM three friends find themselves cut off from the world in the middle of nowhere in a desperate fight for their lives as an unknown assailant goes at the one by one.

Click here to [watch].


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