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Following it's announcement of Gary Busey as the it's honorary chair for 2013, the Julien-Dubuque International Film Festival revealed it's official selections Thursday night at a reveal party/press conference at the historic Hotel Julien in downtown Dubuque, IA. Among the films selected is Dave Campfield's short film The Perfect Candidate, featuring Joe Estevez (Soultaker) and Dubuque's own Robert Z'Dar (Maniac Cop, Tango & Cash) playing their own personas up for laughs when the two b movie icons are thrown in the mix of a presidential election as third party candidates after a video of Joe's political rant at a Hollywood blood bank goes viral on youtube.

"Joe and Robert were so great about allowing us to poke fun at their careers and the films they've made, some of which they'll be the first to admit were far short of Academy Award worthy," says screenwriter and producer Joe Randazzo, who came up with the concept of the film. "I was lucky enough that when I brought it up to Dave he was receptive to the idea of Joe Estevez, as himself, running for President."

"When Joe Randazzo first presented his story idea of Joe Estevez running for the highest office in the land, I momentarily doubted his sanity. But the longer we spoke, the more I understood why the idea appealed to him. The screenplay proved to be a blending of low brown, high brow humor, and political satire that we hadn't had the opportunity to explore do to our recent collaborations in the horror genre. It wound being a film I'm so happy with," say director Dave Campfield.

The film was shot entirely in one day in Los Angeles last May, while Campfield was in town to re-shoot some scenes for his feature length horror-comedy Caesar and Otto's Deadly XMas, which has had a successful film festival run, bringing in awards for Best Actor and Best Screenplay at various film festivals, and finishing in the top 3 in Elvira's Horror Hunt.

The Perfect Candidate is the third film in which Campfield and Randazzo have collaborated as co-writers and co-producers, the second to include B movie icon Joe Estevez, who thinks very highly of the duo, "Joe Randazzo is a rare find as a writer, and Dave Campfield surprised me with with his subtle, but excellent skills as both a director and an editor, this is a great little film." Co-star Maria Olsen, seen most recently in Paranormal Activity 3 and the hit FX series American Horror Story: Asylum concurs "They are such awesomely talented people, and the completed film is a true reflection of their talent!"

The Perfect Candidate will be making it's film festival premiere at the Julien-Dubuque International Film Festival, which runs from April 4-7 in Dubuque, Iowa. Co-star Robert Z'Dar, best known for his titular roles in the horror favorite Maniac Cop series, and a native of Dubuque, will be among the cast and crew members attending the premiere.


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