A Double Dose of the Fever

Recently we were able to share the success story that was the eleventh hour reprieve of Yellow Fever Productions from the clutches of administration and the bank (aka The Man!).  It’s with this in mind that we’re so very pleased to be able to announce their 42nd street style screening of Splash Area and Onus at the Movie House Cinema on the Dublin Road on Thursday 2nd May 2013.

To celebrate the screening, and the continuing existence of Yellow Fever we’re winding the clock back to Day Zero and putting selected bodies of work under the microscope including zombie double header Battle of the Bone and The Knackery

To book tickets for the screening of Splash Area & Onus, back to back and back in the black click [here].  Don’t forget to check out the official Yellow Fever page [here] and enjoy the cinematic trailers for both films we have lovingly provided below.

Donate [here] to help Yellow Fever Productions make Onus II.


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