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The Who told us once that we need water, and maybe somebody's this month we've decided to deliver up a double bill of both.  Yes with more booty poppin' than a P.Diddy (or whatever he calls himself now) video we celebrate the life aquatic and all that the dark menace below the surface.  First up is the 2012 comedy/horror from the director of the Feast trilogy that pits Ving Rhames against tiny little fish and extra large breasticles before a trip down to the swamp...because nothing bad in the history of ever has ever happened in a swamp.

Piranha 3DD
(2012) Dir. John Gulager
After the events of Lake Victoria the little eating machines find their way to new water and a never ending massive of sweater meat to chew on.


Swamp Shark
(2011) Dir. Griff Furst
It's the week before Gator Fest and sexually adventurous/available teens are hanging out at the swamp with first generation Buffy (Kristy Swanson).  So nothing is likely to go wrong here right?!

Click [here] to watch.


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