Splash Area - A Preview

Screening May 2nd at 8pm
Written, Produced & Directed by George Clarke
Starring Anthony Boyle, Leanne Marks, Ruby Campbell, Brian Norton, John Render, Paul McCarron, Alan Crawford, Gary Whelan, Conor Pelan, Vivian Jamison, Thomas Smyth,
France Burscough, Tom Dart, Jo Crawford, Leo & Tobyn Clarke

Winner of BEST SFX & JURYS CHOICE - Freak Show Horror Film Festival 2012

The 4th feature from writer/director George Clarke originally began production with a weeks shoot in 2009, but was put on hold when the director realised its scale - writing up The Knackery instead and starting it the next day. Now its back with a fresh cast, fresh approach and fresh bucket of gore! Made for just £500...

Clown fans beware! Halloween night. A night filled with fancy dress costumes, candy, screams and blood. And then there's the 'trick-or-treaters'. With five killer clowns on the loose in the leafy suburbs of East Belfast, a trio of friends step up to take revenge for the killings of their neighbours and friend in a David and Goliath style battle of wits, hits, guts and giggles.

After following the lunatic comedy killers back to an old hospital, Mike, Alex and Tony are guided by curiosity to find out more. Once inside, they realise their decision was wrong and try to escape while trying to survive.

Messy, funny, sick and gore filled, Splash Area is every clown haters worst nightmare...

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