The Fighter V. The Wrestler: Round Five

Round Five

Usually a face-off between cinematic scores is a knock down, drag out, humdinger of a battle between conductors and their rival orchestras but not here.  The battle of the score can be pretty much boiled down to the battle of the entrance music.  Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) steps up and into the squared circle to the same track his brother sings to their mum when he fucks up…which you can assume is quite often.  As the spotlight hits Marky Mark hairs on arms salute the greatness that is White Snake’s Here I Go Again.  It’s not only an excellent song but it typifies everything a fighter goes through as the cuts and bruises heal and they prepare themselves to start from scratch again.  Add to that tracks from Zeppelin, the Drop Kick Murphys, The Rolling Stones and Wang Chung (whose soundtrack for To Live and Die in LA is still one of the greatest) and what you’re looking at is a seriously difficult contender to best. 

The Ram’s on form at the moment though winning three of the four rounds so far and he only needs one more to win.  As he steps out from behind the curtain for the twenty year reunion bout we’re overcome by the blazing guitar of Slash and the intense tones of one Axel Rose as Sweet Child O’ Mine raises the roof off the arena.  Filling out the soundtrack are two offerings from Ratt, an incredible song from the heaviest hitter in the game Bruce Springsteen and everyone’s favourite grandma Madonna.

On paper it’s a close contest but in actuality there’s no forgiving a soundtrack carrying a Madonna song, regardless of what it is.  Some seriously dodgy tactics opens the door enough for The Fighter to kick it through.

The Fighter 2 – 3 The Wrestler


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