The Fighter V. The Wrestler: Round Seven

Round Seven
Audience Engagement

It’s all come down to the seventh and final round.  Every jab, every leapfrog, hook, suplex and bruise leaves one victor, and one loser.  Audience engagement, it’s all comes down to which film grabbed you more but also why.  Both films are exceptional pieces of narrative cinema and though neither will change or test an audiences responses they will engage and invoke reactions.  For what it’s worth it’s an extremely close call, both films are equal on so many merits and it’s probably their similarities that brought about this form of review rather than the standard two pager that comes with a viewing as both reviews would be pretty much identical…bar the use of Madonna.  I’m sorry but that’s still unforgivable.  The Fighter’s greatest strength is also the films greatest weakness.  Placing the two side by side and the only way to separate them is how the film works.  It’s emotional core.  Where Randy The Ram is the centrepiece of The Wrestler’s cinematic world the true powerhouse of The Fighter is Christian Bale and though it’s an incredible performance it undermines the central narrative of Mark Wahlberg.

The Winner
The Wrestler

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The Fighter

The Wrestler


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