The Fighter V. The Wrestler: Round Six

Round Six
Ring Time

You can’t have a pugilist drama without a healthy dose of pugilism.  This round is all about that and how the film balances the drama of the world against what goes on between the ropes.

Russell’s The Fighter is an incredibly well balanced movie.  Not only does it work as a family drama, personal drama, a socio-economic drama but it also has a high quota of quality ring time.  Wahlberg (as we’ve already documented) has been in training for four years, the HBO crew have been absorbed into the film crew in order to deliver a realistic and rewarding rendering of no less than three fights and it works.  The ratio of Boston to Boxing is just right and the personal drama only pushes you further into the corner of the fighting Irish.

The Wrestler also has a heavy dose of personal, family and socio-economic drama going on.  Estranged from his daughter, dead poor and fight against his own demons The Ram is the perfect example of a tragically flawed Shakespearian character.  When it comes to ring time Randy is not without his fair share of bouts also but Aronofsky’s stylistic for shooting means that though we see the effects on his body and glimpse of his technique we’re only really treated to one proper bout, though it is a cracker.

Having led by three rounds to one The Wrestler has to contend with the bout going all the way as Russell, Wahlberg and co pull it back to even Stevens.

The Fighter 3 – 3 The Wrestler


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