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We're all movie fans here, everyone contributing and reading has one thing in common, their overwhelming love of cinema.  This month the Movie Bar O.D offers up two excellent movies from well established Hollywood franchises...the catch?  They're both made by fans!

First up is Gene Fallaize's tip of the hat to the man of steel...

Superman: Requiem
(2011) Dir. Gene Fallaize
When Superman is rendered powerless by a criminal mastermind he must face his most daunting challenge to date.  He must prove to the waiting world that he's still...well...super.

And if the man of steel isn't enough then how about some cybernetic organisms covered in fake skin and some leather?

Terminator: Revelation
(2011) Dir. Kristian Quiles
It's the continuing battle between man and machine, salvation versus Skynet and this time it's one for the fans out there!

Click [here] to watch both films.

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