Farewell James

Yesterday cinema and television lost one of it's most powerful, charismatic, articulate and wonderfully warm stars.  With the passing of James Gandolfini came a surge of short reminiscences from friends and co-stars alike on Twitter.  Many people my age would have first encountered James in Tony Scott's True Romance and would have been simultaneously drawn to and repelled by his on screen presence. Most will remember another complex and charming portrayal, Anthony Soprano.  He would redefine not just the Hollywood idea of the "connected" family but also the modern day family in HBOs The Sopranos.  I'd like to write more about how much of an influence his life's work had on me growing up but there simply aren't enough words to boil it down to something that would make any sense.  It's just a feeling, and a whole where he once was.

Riposa in pace, James. Ti amo.


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