On The Fringe of Chinatown

The 2013 Hollywood Fringe Festival in conjunction with We Make Movies' WMM Fest has announced that the Eric Michael Kochmer written and directed Sci-Fi Noir Way Down in Chinatown will be book-ending the festival with midnight screenings on the 15th and 29th June 2013.

Set against the production of a musical theatre piece about the apocalypse WDiC chronicles over-sexed theatre couple Victor and Jessica Mitchum as they struggle to fund their play all the while suffering through the slow deterioration of the world and the dark seduction of an underworld movement determined to hand pick the survivors.

Described by director Kochmer as "the best god-damn movie since Erik Von Stronheim presented Greed to Warner Bros. in 1926" you can check out the film official page [here], read our review [here] and book tickets for the screening [here].

We Make Movies is a Los Angeles based film collective of over 2000 film-makers dedicated to making some really cool shit.  WMM gears their energy towards empowering independent film-makers and providing the resources and connections that will help them get their movies made.  Since 2009, more than 40 shorts and 6 features were developed, produced or directly funded through WMM.  The group alternates free weekly writers workshops, improv nights, and industry guest interviews in an effort to help film-makers get feedback on their work, try new ideas, and learn what's working for others.  

Follow WMM on Twitter [here] or get involved in the conversation using #wemakemovies.


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