Reunion Hits Indiegogo

It's a dark, violent night.  The kind of night that clears the street of all God's creatures.  Two former rockstars are in preparation for their comeback when a strange woman calls to the door.  Her name is Mia, she's looking for her son and she's convinced that he's been kidnapped by one of the musicians.

That is the concept of a new horror/thriller called Reunion from MOnsterworks66 written by Bert Havird and directed by Shawn Chou.  "We rely on our team's passion and dedication to bring our vision to life," said Shawn "the most important thing is to tell a story about a ghost who tries to reunite his lookalike twin with this mysterious murderer.  It's filled with twists and turns.  Ultimately, we ask tough questions and why people repress their memories to cope with life."

Reunion is currently in the middle of an Indiegogo campaign to raise $75,000 with the endgame being a theatrical distribution not to mention the breaking and making of some new boundaries within the genre.  Check out the film's atmospheric trailer below and of course give a few greenbacks [here].

Starring Sarah Schreiber, Cara Santana, Reign Morton, Arielle Brachfield, Leif Gantvoort and Maria Olsen as Mia.


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