Teacher's Day: First Look!

There’s no permission slip asked for or required for this one.  Jared Masters (Meet the Freaks of Dreamland) writes and directs Teacher’s Day a horror/comedy with more than one foot firmly rooted in our horror cinema past.  When a high school history teacher is pink slipped and sent packing he decides to seek out those he holds responsible for the change in his employment status, hunting them down to kill during a slumber party.  Billed as a loveletter to 80’s slasher cinema Teacher’s Day and Masters himself are ones to watch as the film promises to have audience members (and severed heads) rolling in the aisles.

Slated for a December 2013 release Teacher’s Day stars Nikole Howell (Parallel Avenue), Lindsay Lamb (Straight Vanilla Episode 1: Attack of the Sex Zombies) and the always value for money Dawna Lee Heising (My Science Project).

Check out the trailer for Teacher’s Day below and keep an eye out here for more information throughout the year.
If Teacher’s Day has sufficiently wetted your appetite then the good news is that Masters’ Slink has it's premiere in Hollywood on June 8th before going nationwide via In Demand from June 14th 
Why not check out the Teacher’s Day soundtrack [here] and for full information on what’s coming out of Frolic Pictures click through to their website [here].


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