Found on KickStarter: Lost Angelas

Best Actress nominee Angela Rose is missing and the only witness to the over - publicized disappearance is Jake Hart.  Unfortunately, due to a recent accident, his memory is unreliable.  Haunted by memories he cannot explain, Jake realizes he can’t rest until he finds out what really happened.  The more he tries to find answers, however, the more in danger he becomes...


But when he remembers the movie Angela Rose acted in, the one he himself wrote about a true to life famous actress who faked her death thirty years ago, he realizes he is getting close.  What these two actresses, both named Angela, have in common are the answers everyone is looking for and the key to Jake’s memory.


Regular readers of Knifed in Venice will remember us first mentioning Lost Angelassome months back when the film secured David Proval (The Sopranos) in a major role. Now with the cast including William Wayne, Jennifer Field and The Godfather Part II’s John Capodice it’s time for one last push to get Lost Angelas over the line.  Having won a 4 week camera package for Best Short Film all the film makers are looking for is $4,500. You can help a little or a lot, it’s entirely up to you but one thing is for certain, not one penny will get lost.


Help bring Lost Angelas to the silver screen by donating [here].


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