Slaughterbox: First Look

10 Gauge Shakespeare and Monsterworks66 are currently in pre-production for the forthcoming new horror feature SlaughterBox.  With principle photography due to being in August actor/writer/producer Hugh Phoenix Cross has teamed up with Maria Olsen to bring some very scary to the silver screen.


SlaughterBox tells the story of the first doomed man of Earth, Adam, and his descendants’ continuing struggle against the demon Lilith (played by Olsen herself).  With four thousand years of failure haunting the bloodline as each generation tries, and fails, to defeat Lilith it comes down to Adam (of modern day) after his wife and daughter are taken leaving him in no doubt that Lilith is coming for him.


With a deadly plan to end the millennia of torment that his ancestors have endured Adam sets out to master the ever-evolving SlaughterBox and destroy the demon for good.


To learn more about this project or to become part of the team you can check out the IndieGoGo page [here] and if helping cinema isn’t enough then you’ll be pleased to hear that 10% of donations toward the film will go to the John Walsh National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.


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