The Boy Who Saved Christmas

Certificate: PG
Running Time: 94 minutes
Director: John Putch
Starring: Andre Bourque, Colin McClean, Amy Stromer
Genre: Family, Fantasy
Country: USA

This is the first of a short series of reviews dubbed Movies My Missus Made Me Watch.  After the festivities of previous years it was mentioned that my seasonal screening selections might be a little more decapitation than expectation so with that in mind responsibility for KiV’s Christmas movies this year have been handed over to my better half with the only caveat being they can only be movies recorded on YouView.

The Boy Who Saved Christmas was recorded because of its title, it was no doubt programmed on daytime television for the same reason but at a glance of the synopsis it demonstrated a deviant quality that was more appealing to me than her. 

Santa’s evil twin brother sets in motion a plan to rid the family tree of his sibling and in doing so destroy December 25th forever.  The only chance to hear another ho-ho-ho in your lifetime?  A small boy called Jeremy with a direct line to the big man himself.  We made it five minutes into the film before herself demanded it off and we watched something else.  Yes the cinematography was lacking any real quality/budget/skill and it had the look of a porno with all the grunting chopped out but there was a certain chaotic quality to it that saddened me to lose it.  It’s tough to recommend or not (in all likelihood) The Boy Who Saved Christmas from the short time I had with it.  I’m not going to lie, I’m not going back to give it a second chance – there’s plenty more cheap movies out there but if you find your tastes in line with KiV more often than not then this might be something worth 94 minutes…though it did make Total Film's 100 Worst Christmas Movies so perhaps not.  Please feel free to drop by and let us know.



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