A New Twist

Like many of you we’ve found sourcing rare, forgotten, and subterranean cinema to be something of a thankless, tiresome and expensive pursuit.  Like many, we took great joy in the presence of Twisted Anger only to have our hopes dashed by the non-arrival of our carefully selected basket.  Like many, we were sad…but not anymore!

Twister Anger is back and under new management.  Better management.  Only today I was approached by the sites new management to ask if I would like to remain of their mailing list.  Having informed them that I saw little point in remaining in contact, as my last transaction never made it to my DVD player, then suddenly the wonder that is Twisted Anger front-person Nikita was in my inbox not only making my dreams come true but also making my long awaited DVDs happen.  Thanks to a new steady hand behind the rudder it’s safe once again to purchase the great, weird, and wonderful that resides within the pages of TwistedAnger.com.

And if that isn’t enough cause for celebration then prepare for more!  The discount code KNIFEDINVENICE can be used on Twisted Anger to avail of 15% off all purchases!!  In the forthcoming weeks, thanks to Nikita @ TwistedAnger.com, we will have reviews of the sequel to 3SvG, 3 Supermen in Santo Domingo, John Waters’ awe-inspiring Multiple Maniacs and the long awaited Filipino Alyas Batman en Robin starring Joey de Leon.

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