Four Gore & Eight Hours of Viewing

Long-term readers of Knifed in Venice will be aware of, not just our love of Exploitation cinema, but the importance we place on films we consider to be on the endangered list -these being the great, the forgotten, and most importantly the titles that only exist of DVD thanks to some quick thinking and a last minute transfer from VHS.

Like, 3 Supermen Against Godfather, Kung-Fu Cannibals & Agente 077: Mission Bloody Mary, the MVD/SRS Cinema compilation collaboration American Gore Stories: Vol. 4 offers the next generation four titles that would surely be lost to the ravishes of time and Home Entertainment formats that deteriorate with continual, repetitive use (that's how we watch our movies anyway).

The four titles rescued from the cruel fate of time multiplied by memory are: The Vicious Sweet [directed by Ron Bonk, She Kills], Scooter McCrae's Shatter Dead, The Pact [directed by Brad Sykes, Plaguers] and Tim Ritter's Twisted Illusions.  You can grab a copy of American Gore Stories: Vol. 4 from March 25th from Amazon.  In the meantime don't forget to check out the official site [here].


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