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It's been a while since we've posted one of these but the Movie Bar On Demand is back -and rocking two high-kicking low-punching classics that will have you watching unblinking and mouth wide open.

The Crippled Masters (1979)
Dir. Kei Law
No limits!  Jackie Conn and Frankie Shum have been double-crossed by their master and brutally disfigured.  Now, with revenge in mind, the fight to regain their strength and stop their evil former-master from taking over the region. [review available here]


The Crippled Masters 2: Two Crippled Heroes (1980)
Dir. Yao Hsiao
Travelling across the land our crippled heroes rescue a blind girl from peril -who teams up with them.  Soon they are in the midst of a battle to the death against an evil warlord with a thirst for power.

The Crippled Masters & The Crippled Masters 2 are both available to stream FREE of charge from the Movie Bar On Demand [here] from now until the 1st of May.

O.D on O.D with Movie Bar O.D.


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