Science Team - Official Trailer

Chip returns home to find his mother brutally murdered and a sessile space alien living in her house rent free. A somewhat xenophobic and bureaucratic government agency called Science Team is brought in to eliminate the extraterrestrial threat. Drama ensues. People die. Inner and extraterrestrial demons are engaged. Men in pink suits use cool-looking technology. Events culminate in a destructive orgy of violence as people's minds are literally blown out of their heads.

Drew Bolduc and Michele Lombardi founded Buncom Media International in 2012, a production company in Richmond, Virginia specializing in feature films. Science Team is the first film created by their company. It was written and directed by Drew Bolduc who previously wrote and co-directed the award-winning horror-comedy feature film The Taint [reviewed here]. Science Team is Michele Lombardi’s first feature film as producer, assistant director and production designer. They both have a strong background in special effects and worked on practical and digital effects for Troma Entertainment's Return to Class of Nuke 'em High Vol 1 & 2 in 2013.

‘Science Team’ has started its 2014 theatrical and festival tour. Check out the links below for information and updates about where we’re playing next!


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