She Kills - Official Trailer

Since Knifed in Venice started we've reviewed countless Exploitation titles new and old but if there was ever a movie made today than summarised everything we love about cinema this film is it!


When Sadie's (Russo) husband is brutally murdered by a vicious gang of thugs known on the streets as The Touchers she discovers that she has within her a hidden power that, if targeted correctly, will allow her to lay waste to these brutal killers and provide her with revenge!  

She Kills reads like a 42nd Street classic from the Golden Age of Grindhouse with an intense self-awareness and darkly twisted humour that will no doubt wow all audiences fortunate enough to witness how...she kills!

The film is in post-production (hurray!) so why not drop by its Facebook page [here] to see what treats they have in store for you or the SRS Cinema website [here].  In the meantime enjoy the trailer and remember...wear a condom!

She Kills
Dir. Ron Bonk
Starring. Jennie Russo, Trey Harrison, Michael Merchant, Jody Pucello, David Royal, Martha Zemsta
Pro. Jonathan Straiton
From SRS Cinema - Hollywood is a the cure


Trevor Kennedy said...

Ummm it's Ron Bonk

John Baxter said...

Ah fuck, good spot. Perils of multi-tasking. By that rule I've emailed someone calling them Ron when it should have been Ken...

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