Pole Dancing & Petruchio with Stripping Shakespeare

From Laurence Olivier’s quintessentially thesp performance in Richard III to Ralph Fiennes’ battle-hardened soldier of Coriolanus via the colour and Catholicism of Baz Luhrmann’s Romeo & Juliet there have been many interpretations, re-imaginings and re-workings of the works of William Shakespeare.  There are some who are prepared to say I’ve seen everything and to those we’d like to advise hold thy tongue because Stripping Shakespeare has arrived.

Nicol Razon (creator) has merged classically trained actors with erotic dancers in an effort to breathe new life into the bard’s work and re-introduce audiences to the base instincts of his text.  “Stripping Shakespeare is a new web-series I conceived over a year ago while literally watching paint dry.  Oh for a Muse of paint fumes!” said Razon “I wanted to create a series that was somewhere between Kubrick’s subconscious cinema and Reading Rainbow.  Shakespeare has always been a love and stripping, always a temptation […] Stripping Shakespeare will not only showcase the talents of classically trained actors, erotic dancers, and filmmakers, but also strip Shakespeare’s text down to its meaning enriching our understanding of poetry that is usually robbed of its naughty bits.”

If that isn’t enough of a challenge Razon also believes that Stripping Shakespeare will also be a “place for discourse on filmmaking, feminist media, and classic lit.”

The trailer for episode one of Stripping Shakespeare is available [here] and for those who are eager to dive right in (of which I am sure there are many) here it is, episode one of the latest interpretation of Shakespeare as you (may or may not) like it.


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