Too Cool For School

George Clarke’s six feature from Yellow Fever Productions is in the middle of its Kickstarter funding campaign [click here].  This weekend cast and crew of Zombie Schoolgirls, Attack! were in the field pulling together some trailer-based fun for all those fans of fighting and feeding!  If you're like me and you're as impatient as you are excited when it comes to high-octane independent cinema then you might want to check out what we've got below.

Meet 'the girls' [left to right]: Rachael Galloway, Rachael Stewart
& Chloe Sacco
The trio play an elite bounty hunter unit called:
The Schoolgirl Alliance
...and as if dealing with the zombie population wasn't enough,
the other bounty hunters have the ladies in their sights.
But they never counted on the girls being graduates from the
School of Hard Knocks & Nunchakus
The campaign for funding continues until May 15th but it's never too early to help guarantee that this visual explosion of East meets West makes it to the silver screen.  With Galloway, Stewart & Sacco it looks as if Clarke has hit the trilogy goldmine with a cast that can act, fight and look great doing it.  A dream of a movie!  And if all this isn't enough then why not check out the trailer below.


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