Army of the Lost Horizon

Director Stephen Scaia (Writer/Producer of Jericho, Warehouse 13) and writer David Harari have teamed up to create a short film that’s their love letter to Indiana Jones called Army of the Lost Horizon.  Starring Simone Bially and Timothy Omundson the film, whose Kickstarter campaign raised over $10,000 in the first 24 hours, takes place in Chinatown, San Francisco in 1962 when Indiana Jones has gone missing and is presumed dead.  His daughter, Anna Ying (Simone Bailly) has tracked her father's presumed killer, Jack Corbin (Timothy Omundson) to an underground gambling club, ready to make him pay.  The confrontation takes an unexpected turn...and she must fight her way past Corbin's henchmen to escape the speakeasy, find the map, and continue on to rescue Indiana Jones.

Upon completion, the short film will air on YouTube on the official channel of the Los Angeles-based film collective We Make Movies.

Founded in 2009, We Make Movies (WMM) is a free Los Angeles-based community of independent filmmakers, writers, and actors dedicated to empowering creative professionals and providing the resources and connections that will help them get their movies made. WMM is sponsored by Microsoft Surface and offers an arsenal of online tools and alternates free weekly writers workshops, improv nights, and industry guest interviews to help filmmakers get feedback on their work, try new ideas and create content.
For further information about WE MAKE MOVIES visit WMM [here]


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