Massage Parlor of Death - DVD & VHS!

Richard Mogg's amazingly titled Massage Parlor of Death is getting worldwide distribution through SRS Cinema LLC (She Kills).  In Mogg's homage to VHS horror the feature, which was shot in HD over two days, has been cropped to 4x3 before being run through a VCR (twice!) in order to give it that genuine second generation analog feel that's been missing since the emergence of DVD.

"We've worked hard to include all the great SOV attributes too," says the director "such as overflowing gore, cheesy dialogue, incredible zooms, repeated use of the same single takes, dollar store props, and a great ending to leave you wanting more."

The Massage Parlor of Death DVD will not only feature the 4x3 VHS version but the full HD cut along with featurettes, audio commentaries and stills on set.  The full DVD and limited run VHS releases are expected in early 2015 through SRS Cinema and a multitude of VOD platforms.

Ruby, an unlicensed massage therapist, has a nasty habit of killing her clients in the most horrific ways.  Using the blood of her victims, Ruby attempts to resurrect the deranged spirit of her long-dead lover.  But will her newly-hired hooker "employee" throw a wrench (or more) into the mix?  You'll have to find out in Massage Parlor of Death...where there are no happy endings!


Mohsin ali said...

Amazing post.

Jimmy Benitez said...

This is the first time that I am hearing about the thing like this as a lot of people go to the spas for some clinical pilates but no one goes there for massage as it is in the post.

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