A Measure of Sin - DVD &VoD

Every childhood is normal…to the child that lives it.  For Meredith that means an enchanted seclusion that is shattered when she is deprived of her mother.  Desperate and alone, Meredith must join a household with other women and their children, a sinister man who controls every facet of her existence, and a vicious bear that only she can see.


You should be.  This is the premise behind the multi-award winning independent horror movie A Measure of Sin and if that sounds good then the next bit is going to sound even better…it’s available on VoD and limited edition DVD.  That’s right, BrinkVision released A Measure of Sin on demand and on DVD on June 17th of this year meaning there are a small number of the two hundred pressed DVDs remaining.

Don’t just take our word for it.  Check out the trailer by clicking [here].  You can buy the DVD by clicking [here].


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