Alyas Batman en Robin

This is the second time Knifed in Venice has attempted to review Alyas Batman en Robin, the Filipino Batman flick directed by Tony Reyes.  On the first occasion some three years ago the DVD pulled a Shergar and disappeared between Twisted Danger's mailbag and our front door.

Since then Twisted Danger has been taken over by a new boss lady who has been making serious attempts to make restitution with those that have had their pockets pinched by the site's former owner.  Thirty-six months after the initial purchase my DVD copy of Alyas Batman en Robin finally arrived along with 3 Supermen in Santo Domingo [review here] and John Waters' sophomore movie Multiple Maniacs.  So there should be a review here, right?  Yeah, should be.   Unfortunately the DVD copy of Alyas Batman en Robin doesn't come with English subtitles so if there are any Filipino comic book fans out there give me a heads up and you're welcome to it...unless you have a spare copy of How to Learn Filipino in Three Easy Steps and with Little which case I'll buy it off you.  Real deal. 

The silver lining to this big stormy shit cloud is that Twisted Danger, one of the most diverse Exploitation sites around, is open for business.


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