Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony

Certificate: PG
Running Time: 90 mins
Director: Laurent Malaquais
Starring: John de Lancie, Alex Tibcken, Tim Star
Genre: Documentary
Country: USA

There are a growing number of fans coming to the new My Little Pony television series and they’re…men.  Adult, married, straight men.  Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Adult Fans of My Little Pony is their story, and that of Bronie-Con. I swear to God it’s a real thing.

As documentaries go Bronies follows a well traced formula of documented footage, talking heads and interviews coupled with footage of Twilight Sparkle, Rarity and all of the other ponies that a thirty-two year-old man has no reason to know (yet thanks to this blog and my wife I do).  Some of the characters that are the male fans provide the real heart, soul and flesh of the movie.  With one living with Aspergers, another living in the hillbilly heart of North Carolina and several more dealing with father with little understanding towards what it is about MLP that draws them in; it’s a narrative of friendship, tolerance, and understanding –something that everyone could do with a little more often.

It’s actually really heart-warming to see how MLP has such a positive effect on the lives of the fans involved.  John de Lancie (Discord) is a true boss, perfect gent and master of ceremonies throughout the documentary as he makes people’s day left and right before taking a non-understanding father to one side to help him with understanding why it’s not a big deal his son loves My Little Pony.

The problem with Bronies is that there is nothing new offered to the documentary genre and little that's learned about the show that really couldn't be summed up in the opening eleven seconds.  Sentiment can only really take you so far and though it is a well constructed, feel good doc it's not going to leave any sort of lasting effect on anyone other than Bronies and their homies.


Zach Murphy said...

I really enjoyed A Brony Tale, but I haven't seen this one. I'll probably wait a while though because there are only so many Brony films I can handle in one month.

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