The Axeman Cometh...Again!

Here’s a little teaser for the geezers!  Independent slasher horror Axeman at Cutter’s Creek which was featured back in February 2013 [click here] on Knifed in Venice has a new arrival en-route in the form of a sequel –named Axeman 2: Overkill.  Following hot of the heels of its predecessor with quality casting Axeman 2 will see 3-time World Champion Bryan Clark (who we may know as Adam Bomb [WWE] or Wrath [WCW] depending on how you swing with regards to wrestling) square off in an attempt to make dead former Baywatch and Bold and the Beautiful star Angelica Bridges, Teen Mom turned pornstar turned actress Farrah Abraham and Big Brother USA winner Rachel Reilly.

In addition to this terrific threesome, Axeman 2 sees the return of heroes Arielle Brachfield (Darlene Whitfield), Joston Theney (Darren cole) not to mention some fresh faces including Knifed in Venice favourite Maria Olsen (Reunion, Paranormal Activity 3), Jacqui Holland (My Best Friend’s Girl) and Hannah Landberg (Rabid Love)

When poked for a little information writer/director Theney replied “Well, it’s certainly a darker, grittier film than the first. We learned a lot from our first go ‘round.  There’s no CGI blood splatters.  No short cuts in SFX.   No deeply, intertwined love trysts. This is a bloodletting!  This film will live up to it’s name – Overkill.  Guaranteed.”

Those with a soft spot for slash and splatter won’t have to wait long.  Axeman 2: Overkill is scheduled for an early 2015 release.  For more information and to keep up to date with the goings-on check out their Facebook or Twitter and prepare for a vacation to dismember.


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