Sex & Slaughter: The Top Ten Horror Movie Sex Scenes

Horror movies offer audiences a lot. Whether you want to watch them for the notoriously clever dialogue, the over-the-top acting, or just to see some dumb teenager get slashed for going into an abandoned haunted house alone, horror films are always good for some serious entertainment.

Not only that, but they're known for having some of the raunchiest and, sometimes, most irrelevant sex scenes (not that we're complaining!). After doing the research, we can assure you that the genre has more than earned that reputation. It was difficult enough just narrowing it down to our top 10, though it was very, very fun.

The Hunger

Egyptian vampire Miriam Blaylock (Catherine Deneuve) seduces doctor Sarah Roberts (Susan Sarandon) in an attempt to turn her into her next vampire partner. The scene starts with a young Susan Sarandon carefully rubbing the spilt drink from her thin white shirt while wearing no bra underneath. Even the intro is hot. It's just made even better when Deneuve starts to ravish her. Even the cliché curtains blowing in the breeze and classical music won't be able to distract you during this sensual all-girl scene.

100 Feet

This is one of the rare horror movies where the couple getting in on actually gets to have a good night's rest before getting murdered (how considerate!). Couger Marnie Watson (Famke Janssen) is sentenced to house arrest after killing her abusive husband. She attracts the attention of her younger neighbor, Joey, and the two soon find themselves in the heat of things in Marnie's bedroom, the same one that she once shared with her husband. The intensity amplifies with Marnie looks up during the act and sees the ghost of her dead husband hovering above the two, watching them. Joey is unaware, but it seems to turn Marnie on more, and the two continue to get after it, even with their ghostly audience.

My Bloody Valentine 3D

This 2009 remake of the 1981 slasher film features the gorgeous and self-indulgent Irene, played by Betsy Rue. If the hot sex scene of her riding Ray hotel room isn't enough for you, viewers get about five more minutes of Rue bouncing around naked during her confrontation with Ray and as she's running from the killer. We're guessing the scene had a little something to do with the films ability to pull in more revenue in 3D than it did in 2D. Engadget reported a staggering 6:1 ratio after the movie's opening weekend.

Embrace of the Vampire

A smoking hot Alyssa Milano is tied to a bed as she's pleasured by vampires. This movie takes the cake for one of the hottest group sex scenes in a horror movie. With girls-on-girl action and guy-on-girl action, vampire-to-human action, there's something for everyone in this foursome.

Jason Goes to Hell

Michelle Clunie's body is on point during this steaming camping scene. She plays Deborah, a camper that is very enthusiastic about getting in on with another camper, Luke. But unfortunately for Deborah, she doesn't just feel like she's getting split in half while riding Luke, her entire body actually gets severed in two when Jason slashes her with a signpost.

The Cabin in the Woods

Anna Hutchison as Jules and Chris Hemsworth as Curt provide more heat in this movie than most people could handle. When they make love in the woods, it's surprisingly intimate as far as horror film sex scenes go. Of course the two are interrupted by zombies, but other than that, it's quite nice.


The beautiful Sil (Natasha Henstridge) needs to find a mate to have sex with and reproduce. Seducing her next timid victim, she rides him until they're both satisfied, him having just had great sex, and her hoping that she's successfully been able to reproduce. The only other time we've seen hotter human and alien sex is in Pornomation 2, which adameve calls "truly interracial." Condoms, people. That way you'll have protection from STDs and unwanted pregnancies from all species.

Angel Heart

There's nothing like satanic rituals to put you two people in the mood. Detective Harry Angel is investigating a murder that ends up throwing him deep into the underground world of voodoo. Practicer Epiphany Proudfoot catches his eye, and it doesn't take long before they find themselves in bed together. The two get busy as rain falls from cracks in the ceiling. After a while the rain turns to blood, and it starts streaming through the walls. It didn't deter them in the slightest though and when they finish, the blood disappears.


In Vampyres, two lesbian vampires score the countryside seducing men and women in order to take their souls. But most people don't watch this 1974 horror movie for the plot. There are so many sex scenes throughout the film that the whole movie has to mentioned as top 10 material, not just one part. The erotic thriller has even inspired a Spanish remake. Horrorpedia posted teaser images of the film, although the release date is still unknown.

Friday the 13th

Another remake premiering in 2009, Friday the 13th, didn't disappoint audiences when it included the sexy Julianna Guill enjoying herself on top of Travis Van Winkle. It's arguably the hottest sex scene in any horror film to date. Completely in charge Bree (Guill) films the two while they're bumping naughty bits. Audiences watch the two go at it for almost three minutes, as the couple is completely unaware of Jason right outside their window. As if there wasn't enough to worry about when having sex in the house of an axe murderer on the eve.


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