Back in Venice!

Though 2014 has passed by without so much as a sniff of any new work it has been a busy year...honest! Since April I've been working on a Noir-Comedy set in Belfast, for which I received an Independent Writer Award from the Arts Council (via NI Screen).  This has gone a long way to help explain what appears, at least on the surface, to be a year of inactivity.

This forthcoming year will hopefully see the realization of months, upon months (upon months) of drafting, redrafting, scrapping, rewriting and hair pulling, as Henry Roscoe hopefully finds a home and I, a regular writing gig.  That being said, in the midst of all the Noir-based antics of Fast City there has been just enough downtime to scrape together a few short stories; just enough to dare to call them a collection and to give that collection a name; Short Stories That All Definitely Happened.

If you're in any way a regular visitor or a frequent Twitter-er you've probably read at least one.  Short Stories will be unleashed in 2015 (date TBC) through Venice Books, CA.  A sample of stories can be founds via the links below, though some will change between now and the finished piece.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!

“Original, hilarious and very clever.”
-Hugh Cron 
“Really funny.”
-Nik Everleigh
“Not for the faint hearted […] a well constructed, vivde piece of writing.”
-Diane Dickson
“It will divide opinion […] very powerful.”
-Nik Everleigh
“Powerful and thought provoking.”
-Hugh Cron
“Some great lines.”
-Nik Everleigh
“A whiff of Bukowski’s attitude and to the point style.  Snappy and earthy.”
-Adam West
“A witty, self deprecating humour […] the final sentence did make me grin and wince at the same time.”
-Diane Dickson
“Well written and flowed humorously […] masterful design.”
-Willie Douglas
“A rare voice.”
-Anthony Wobbe
“Another entertaining piece of writing.”
-Hugh Cron
“An entertaining read.”
-Kate Smart
“A lot of style to it and dark humour in abundance […] tackles every story subject with ferocity and without fear.”
-Nik Everleigh


Dr. Theda said...

Sounds like a really good read....
Good to see you posting again... Hope that you and yours had a pleasant Christmas....
This past year has been a bit "rough" on us... Hopefully the upcoming year will be much better... an early Happy New Year to you as well....

John Baxter said...

The roughs seem to be going around? All ok now? I didn't have the head space for it along with the commission and a mad head but things seem to be ironing themselves out. Hope you're keeping well too man. Good Christmas?

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